Would you believe me if I told you that as I type this post,
I sit relaxed in the garden, and next to me a cafe, a squeezed orange and

My clients would say I’m talking about one thing, doing another … or maybe, after all,
Namely, the best part of this whole situation, besides the fact that I enjoy
ambience, I do something I love and enjoy cakes and juice is that yes
notwithstanding all the above, it is at this very moment that I am burning
fat!! And a lot of fat …!
What? How? Where?

Yes, you heard right, even as I sit here and enjoy my cakes
the body burns fat and becomes tighter because I know how to
I switch and keep my body in a state of super fast burning
This is not because I am from another planet, although some doubt ovo, this
you can too !!!
The fact is that almost all weight loss programs (95% of them, and under
provided they operate) omit at least 12 hours PER DAY
potential fat burning.
It’s no small thing, because if you lost 5kg, you could have lost 10kg!

But not everything is so black, achieving a state of super fast combustion
fat is pretty simple (just doesn’t mean light ), and u
in this post I will explain how to make the most of your

There are two basic things you need to do:

1.Accelerate metabolism for a longer period of time

2.Achieve and maintain a hormonal environment in the body that non
stop burning fat

Well, it may not seem that simple after all.
But no need to worry, I’m here and I’m writing with the intention of
I will explain to you how to achieve all this. I’ll soak up a little along the way
the sun’s rays and look at the greenery around me, but mostly I’ll write.
When you master these principles and methods and use them in practice then
you will burn fat non stop … day after day, hour after hour!
We all know to list a few things that are most important to get fast and
lost weight effectively, but there are some things you may not have heard of as well
they are crucial for weight loss and maintenance

“Don’t eat that, it’s very caloric … don’t eat this, you know how much there is
calories … eat half a cake, it’s too high in calories. “

Sounds familiar?


I must stress that counting calories in the foods you eat is not
very practical, nor particularly useful.

Before me (neither guilty nor guilty) accuse me of not liking math,
I will tell you the following: yes, the fact is yes
you will lose weight if you take care of
the number of calories you take in,
that is, if you eat fewer calories
than what your body consumes. However, it is
Unfortunately short of breath, which you will
confirmed by all who adhered
such diets.

We are too focused on counting calories, although there really isn’t
no need. That way of thinking is constantly being placed on us
through the media, so it’s hard to dissuade people that they shouldn’t go into it
I used to eat about 1600-1800 calories a day, in two meals and
a lot of sweets during the day, which resulted in me having a stomach,
80kg and 19% body fat.


I eat 3000-3500 calories, I have 82kg and 8% body fat (whichmeans that the bellies are there and ready for the beach).

You cannot explain such results by mathematical operations
however good they may be at calculating estimates or addition and
subtracting calories.
I used to not have the weight loss system I will tell you about
sense. But then I went a little deeper into the subject and figured out what
it works.
Today, my clients regularly achieve enviable results and will be happy to help you
confirm the effectiveness of this weight loss system. They also claim that it was
pretty easy to make a change.
So first of all I want you to forget about thinking about the number of calories
which you bring into yourself (at least briefly) and allow me to give you
I explain the way our body works, and how you can do it
turn in your favor.
There is something, VERY IMPORTANT, that regulates all processes in ours
body, speed and the ways in which they take place.
What is especially important to us is how “that something” regulates
weight loss, more precisely – fat burning.
I’m not talking about counting calories, and especially not about avoiding
meals after certain afternoons (to disbelieve it
how many people still practice such methods).
Many acquaintances and friends complain to me that they can’t lose weight even though they are on
special diet, follow all instructions and make an effort
be active during the week. In vain all, stubborn pounds do not want
to go.

(I do everything right, and nothing happens … why ?!)

And there are those who eat once a day and constantly get on
weight, in the most undesirable places, on the abdomen and hips.
It often happens that they then torture themselves with something even more rigorous
meal restrictions.
Starve and suffer your body by limiting yourself to one meal a day
can be very frustrating, especially when in addition to such a sacrifice and
you still have a problem with being overweight. There is no logic, as it is
possible ?!
Here’s what actually happens:
The body gets used to all kinds of stress to which it is exposed, even to
starvation – which is the case if you eat once a day. Accustomed
At the minimum you ingest, your metabolism slows down as well
that this one meal is huge, your body at that point does not
it can use all the nutrients, so the excess is stored in the form of fat deposits.
In none of the above cases is the problem in quantity
calories ingested or in how long you stick to your regimen

The problem occurs at another level that is a little harder to control. For
an effective solution to this problem requires a different approach and
manipulation of the body and the way our body functions.
We return to “that something” very important, which I mentioned on
previous page:


The human body looks and functions best when everyone is
hormones in balance.
Unfortunately, nowadays 99.9% of people do NOT have hormones
balance. This fact sounds devastating, but it’s not that scary because
there are effective ways to balance and control hormones.
Of course, not all hormones can be controlled so easily
balance, much depends on the severity of the problem. But they are
hormones that cause us the most discomfort (they make us fatter and make us fatter)
patients) can be fairly well controlled and put in order.
It is important to know that these, for us the most problematic, hormones can
control diet and exercise. That will be our goal, if
accept the system I suggest.
Using a couple of tricks that will “trick” the body into doing so
As we wish, in a relatively short time your body can
bring into a super hormonal state that burns fat non-stop.
We will focus on the hormones that regulate fat burning
body. One of the most interesting of us, which you may not have heard of,
it is called leptin.

Basically, this hormone signals our body that we are full and
satisfied, which later results in some other, essential, reactions
of our organism.
What important reactions are we talking about?
The presence of leptin allows accelerated fat burning, while
its absence slows down, even stops, the combustion process
body fat.
The problem also occurs when too much leptin is present in the body, then
this hormone loses its effectiveness.
I will write about this in more detail a little later, as well as about two more
a very important hormone for achieving good results in the process
weight loss: insulin and cortisol.

next post…

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