Perfect pictures in a few steps! How?

Perfect pictures in a few steps! How?

There is almost no person in the world who, at least once, has not wondered how to look good in photography and what are the best poses for painting. Posing for photos has become commonplace in modern society in which we live and the era of social networks.

Whether we keep the photos in our personal photo album, framed in a beautiful frame, or share them with our friends, we will always have a desire to turn out the best we can. Using certain poses, good lighting, great background, etc. we can achieve real miracles and turn out exactly as we imagined.

It only takes a little effort to make phenomenal memories for a lifetime. Here are all the best poses for painting, with the help of which you will shine on every next photo in your album, picture frame or on your social network profile.

1 Attitude in the form of the letter “S” – the effect of an hourglass figure

One of the most practical and common poses that counts among the best poses for painting is the “s” shaped posture. This is achieved by shifting the weight of the body to one leg, the other leg is bent at the knee, and the arms are in a relaxed state.

In order to get as relaxed a look as possible, it is recommended to switch one leg over the other. The shoulders should not be lowered, so that the person does not look distorted in the picture. It is only important that your attitude does not look rigid, that is, that you act as natural and relaxed as possible.

The graceful “s” shape will highlight the figure in the best possible way by giving it an hourglass look, no matter what body constitution it is.

2 Walk towards the camera – for a spontaneous appearance of a person

The most natural and best pose for painting is one that does not act as a pose, but as if the photograph was spontaneously recorded. Therefore, it is considered that all variations on the theme of walking towards or away from the camera in some direction are perhaps the best poses for painting.

Walking towards the camera is much easier if you learn and apply the “imaginary line” rule. Imagine walking on a thin rope to properly place one foot in front of the other.

Walking towards the camera should take place by starting to walk from a distance towards the photographer, without looking at the camera. In this way, the effect of spontaneity will be achieved. Allow your hands to swing naturally next to your body as you walk.

3 Asymmetrical posture – emphasizing the feminine figure

When it comes to the best poses for photography, one that is especially popular with members of the fairer sex is the one where sex appeal is emphasized by a certain asymmetrical pose.

It is achieved by placing one hand in the hair and the other on the side, which gives a feminine figure. If, in addition, a woman leans to one side or leans against a wall or some other object, she can very easily achieve that her breasts look more lush, and her waist more pronounced and seductive.

4 Landscape pose – for a more casual look in a photo

If you want to achieve a casual look in a photo, various variations on the theme of lying poses can be the best poses, especially if you are photographing in nature, on the beach or somewhere in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lying on your stomach or back while looking straight at a camera that is at head height also highlights your gaze and cheekbones on your face. Due to the position of your face, which will be in the foreground in this case, take care of adequate make-up that will cover all your shortcomings and highlight your eyes in the best way.

5 Flamingo pose – the most current celebrity pose

Once upon a time, the world was crazy about the “duck face” pose that required shooting in photos. Lately, more and more famous women are being photographed in the so-called “flamingo pose” which is one of the most popular and best poses for painting these days. They declared it to be the best pose for painting for instagram in the past few months.

It is achieved by first establishing a good balance, because it requires standing on one leg, while the other leg is raised in height, but also bent at the knee. You can keep your arms straight up, above your head or casually to the side.

This pose can look really nice if you lean against a wall, fence or some other object that will give you support and help you keep your balance while painting and therefore is one of the best poses for photography among a lot of girls who look up to their favorite stars.

6 Hands on hips – highlighting the thinnest part of the body

If you were wondering what are the best poses for photography where long legs are emphasized, it is a pose with hands on hips. Holding your hands on your hips with your toes pointing towards your navel with a slight gap and straight legs will be a full hit to highlight your legs.

If you push your elbows further forward, with your palms on your hips you will form a sharp angle between your waist and arms. This way you will successfully emphasize the thinnest part of your body, and your long legs will stand out perfectly.

If you want your legs to look visually longer, they need to be photographed from a height, from top to bottom. This painting pose is one of the best painting poses and most commonly used around the world.

7 Sitting pose – for a penetrating and seductive look

Whether you are sitting on stairs, a chair, the ground or some other surface does not play as big a role as certain poses play. To find out what the best photo pose is for instagram, you can take advantage of some of the following tips regarding sitting poses.

Crossed legs, a straight back and a direct view of the camera while sitting is a great idea if you want to achieve a natural, yet penetrating and seductive look. Instead of crossed legs, you can stretch one leg in one direction and bend the other to get a more authentic and spontaneous look.

When sitting, it is very important to avoid curling so that your body does not look bulkier and unnatural. All poses with a straight body and outstretched legs are considered extremely good poses for painting.

Indispensable factors of every great photo

As you can influence your painting poses, you can also influence other essential elements of great photography. In addition to making sure that each of your poses is the best pose for painting, there are other factors without which no photo would be successful.

Make sure the lighting is adequate then that the location is ideal for what you want to achieve with photos, that you have great shots and focus, as well as take care of balance, that some other object is not in the foreground next to your model, etc.

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