Unbelievable! 7 tricks for drivers during the winter that will delight you

Unbelievable! 7 tricks for drivers during the winter that will delight you!

7 ultra tricks for drivers during the winter!

Winter is the saddest time of the year for drivers, as the cold months often bring the biggest worries about cars.

Changing tires, clearing snow and ice from a car in the morning, demisting windshields and windows – these are just some of the list of challenges that winter driving can present.

We bring you 7 simple winter tips and tricks for cars, which can help you prepare your car for cold, snowy weather.

Frozen windows

Frozen windows how to solve a problem

Mix vinegar with water (in a ratio of 3: 1) and spray the solution on the frozen windows to clean them.

If you see that the windows on your car are already frozen, there is another easy way to defrost them quickly. Mix 600 milliliters of medical alcohol with 200 milliliters of water and a few drops of dish detergent. Spray the mixture over the icy windows and the ice will melt.

Frozen lock

One of the bigger problems is the frozen lock during the winter

One easy way to defrost a car lock is to use a hand sanitizer. Alcohol will remove ice from the product and allow you to unlock the car. Drop a few drops of this agent on the key or in the lock and watch the magic happen.

You can also use the good old-fashioned method of heating a key with a lighter or match before inserting it into the lock.

To prevent the lock from freezing, try spraying some WD-40 into the lock. If you take a few moments to do this trick before the cold winter days, you will be saved from trouble.

Frozen door

And another bigger problem: an icy door

Oil spray for kitchen utensils will help you forget about this problem. Just spray it on the cavities around the car door, then wipe it off with paper towels.

Blurred windows

Blurred windows are something that annoys every driver the most

Fill an old sock with cat litter and leave it under the car seat. The sand will absorb moisture and prevent the formation of fog.

Additional tip: do not leave open bottles of water or other beverages in your car overnight.

Frozen rearview mirror

Ah those rearview mirror

To avoid icy mirrors, you can cover them overnight with plastic bags that you will attach to the jars with jars. When you take off the bags the next day, you will see that the mirrors will not be frozen.

Frozen or fogged headlights

And we have a solution to this problem

First clean the headlights thoroughly and wait for them to dry. Then apply a thin layer of wax. This will prevent snow and moisture from accumulating on the lights, and protection will last for weeks.

Car stuck in the snow

An easy trick that will get you out of trouble

And this problem is easily solved, unless the car is buried in the snow to the height of the window.

If you drive a car on snowy days, it’s a good idea to keep a few bags of cat litter in your trunk. If the car gets stuck in the snow, sprinkle some sand in front of the tires and this will allow you to move freely. Another option are mats. Throw the foot mats out of the car under the tires, as this should create enough friction to get rid of it.

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