Valentine's Day is approaching These are precool ideas for a gift for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching These are precool ideas for a gift for Valentine’s Day

Have you already planned where you will go and what you will do on Valentine’s Day? It’s hard for you to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for your partner

If you already have something in the plan, good luck to you, but many of you still have no idea what for Valentine’s Day. Most of us give small gifts every now and then and we are slowly running out of ideas. So here are a few things you can do to make this Valentine’s Day romantic and memorable.

Bow to yourself

Get a big box, where you can hide and hire friends to take you where you will meet your loved one. Wear something unusual so that when he opens the box he will be surprised and laugh. If this is too complicated for you with the box, simply put on the sexiest underwear you have and wrap a big red bow around yourself – it will be the most beautiful gift for him.

Gift basket

Give your boyfriend / husband a basket full of drinks, which must include his favorite wine or beer. You can also add a pack of cigars and a fancy lighter if you smoke. If he doesn’t drink alcohol, find some soft drink he’ll like, then add more perfume or a music CD. Add to that the beauty package with a romantic message.

Romantic dinner

Invite the boy to you and prepare a special dinner for him. To create a romantic atmosphere, decorate the room with candles, flowers, dim the lights and put light music.

Rose petals

Sprinkle rose petals the way from the front door to the bedroom and then greet him on the bed, ready for his arrival. Prepare champagne and chocolate by the bed for enjoyment.

Swimming together

Prepare a romantic bath – light candles in the bathroom, put on light music and fill the tub with a bubble bath. For complete relaxation, massage each other after the bath.

Surprise with balloons

Write messages to your loved one on pieces of paper, such as “I love you”, “Thank you”, “You mean everything to me in the world”… Then roll up those pieces of paper, put them in balloons and then inflate them. When your sweetheart arrives, tell him to burst each balloon and read your love message from it.

Replay your first date

Unless it was a total failure, probably the first date has great sentimental value for both of you. There is no better surprise for Valentine’s Day than the reconstruction of your first joint meeting. Go to the same restaurant, borrow a movie you first watched together, go to a bar where you met, or where you first met. Repeat the first meeting, even if it was bad, but this time fix everything you didn’t like then.

A secret romantic weekend

This requires more money and preparation, but it will surely be a lot of fun for you. Plan a secret romantic weekend, and if you can’t afford a bigger trip, book some cheaper accommodation nearby. It’s important to get away from home and have fun, no matter where you are.

Songs and memories

This is an inexpensive way to recall songs that remind you of events from your life together. Record a CD for him and every time he hears it, he will think of you.

Chocolate party

If you both love chocolate, this can be a very fun and sexy idea. Make a bowl of chocolate pudding and feed each other. Prepare a blanket on the floor, in case this develops into a food game. To spice it all up, take off one piece of clothing each time you feed each other. This can also lead you to a romantic shared shower, so prepare candles in the bathroom.

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